How To Use Best AliDropship Google Chrome Extension 2020?


How To Use Best AliDropship Google Chrome Extension 2020

Hey, What’s up guys! Nick here from Techyshaala.

If you want to start your own E-commerce business, then you have got two options: you can hold inventory or not.  

You can purchase products in bulk and send them to your customers. But in this method, you have to manage the inventory, delivery, and bills.

The second one is, you can find a wholesaler (supplier) who can deliver products to the customer on your behalf. That’s called Dropship.

In the E-commerce era 2020, I don’t think so you haven’t heard about “Dropship”? If you don’t know what is “Dropship”? How Dropship saves you money, time & effort?, then this article is for you.

In this topic, we will discuss about AliDropship & an amazing E-commerce Best AliDropship Google Chrome Extension 2020 tool.

So that you can generate sales & profits while sitting at your home without technical skills.

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So let’s just dive into it!



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Best AliDropship Google Chrome Extension 2020

What Is Dropshipping?

What is dropshipping? | Techyshaala

So what exactly Dropshipping is?

You probably hear all the time about this brand new method of making money online. Without putting an effort & money or without holding any inventory.

Well, this is what that is.

In Dropshipping, you will need a manufacturer/wholesaler (supplier) that you’re going to purchase a product on wholesale. So that you can resell them.

Keep in mind there are two different prices, there’s wholesale & retail. Wholesale is what you buying for and retail is what you selling for. 

The customer is buying a retail price & you (reseller) buy wholesale price. 

In this Dropship method, you can save a lot of money, time & effort. You don’t need to hold or manage the inventory or stocks.

You will just have to focus on marketing.   

How Dropshipping Works?

Here’s how the Dropshipping system works;

You have to purchase or find a product from the supplier so you can go on AliExpress, Alibaba, E-bay or any dropshipping companies.

Just find the product!

So find the product and list on your website and keep in mind you’re buying this product from wholesale.

Let’s say, $2 of a piece and you’re selling it to your customers at a retail price around $10 a piece.

The next step is, the customer wants to order a product from your website so he/she goes to your store and purchase a $10 item.

Then you take that order and send it to your wholesaler (supplier). So once the wholesaler ( Supplier) has your order then they directly ship the product to your customer.

Yeah, it’s Pretty simple!

In this whole process, you don’t need to hold any inventory or stocks. All you need to do is drive traffic to your website.

You are driving a customer to your store and collect orders and then you’re sending the orders from your store to the manufacturer(supplier). They take care of the rest.

Very simple, very easy to do.   

You can know more about Dropship by watching this video;

How To Start Your Dropshipping Business?

That’s pretty simple. All you need is a website. Where you can list all your products.

Some Of You Might Be Thinking of I’m a newbie, I don’t have a website. How can I start my business without a website?

Blah Blah Blah…..!!!

See, if you want to start your online business or earn online money without putting too much effort, you’ll have to invest in a website.

Because the money that you invest in your website will give you a good return & profit. 

You can easily start your business by just investing a little amount of money.

Find a website designer on Fiverr, Upwork, or freelancer whatever you like, they can create a website for you at affordable price. 

If you can’t find it any developer that fits your pocket, you can contact me directly on @instagram, I can create for you a website in your budget.

After doing my promotion, let’s continue this topic;

One of the easiest & simplest way to start your Dropshipping store with the help of the AlipDropship Plugin.

This plugin will help you create a powerful online store without much effort and saves your lot of time.  

You can create your online Dropship store with this powerful plugin. If you want to save your time, you can simply “Order a custom store”.

What does that mean?

Means if you don’t know how to create a website or don’t have time? You can just simply “Order a custom store”.

AliDropship will create for you a beautiful own money-making website. Even if you have a zero dropshipping experience!

If you want to know more about this AliDropship powerful tool. You can just watch this video;

What Is AliDropship?

AliDropship is a powerful WordPress plugin. By this plugin, you can import millions of products on your website from AliExpress. You don’t need to purchase a product or manage inventory.

You just need to purchase the AliDropship plugin (one-time payment). This is the best tool for Dropshipping. 

It’s a one-time fee, once you have it, it’s yours. There are no monthly subscriptions or any hidden charges that you have to worry about which is awesome.

With this plugin, you don’t need any experience or technical requirements to become a successful E-commerce entrepreneur. You just need a passion to earn money online.

AliDropship Plugin Benefits:

  • One-Time Payment
  • Import Millions Of Products
  • Find Products And Import
  • Pricing Automation
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Live Statistics
  • Order A Custom Store
  • Expand You Business Anytime
  • Easy To Install & Customize
  • Set Your Profits
  • Fully-Automated 

AliDropship is an awesome plugin and it exclusively works with WordPress.

If you have questions about hosting which is a common question actually when they’re using on the dropship.

It does work with most commercial hosting providers like Hostgator, Bluehost, Siteground, etc.

If you want to host your store with AliDropship they also have their own hosting services.

Use Of Best AliDropship Google Chrome Extension 2020

Let’s assume that now you have a website, and you already purchased an AliDropship plugin.

For now, if you want your plugin function properly, you will need a Google Chrome extension called “AliDropship”.

With this extension, you can save your lot of time. It allows you to directly import your product from AliExpress to your dropship store.

This is the Best AliDropship Google Chrome Extension 2020.

Some of AliDropship Extension features;

  • Add Your Products Directly From AliExpress                      
  • Edit Your Products Before Import
  • Add Reviews To Your Site
  • Find Lower Price Products
  • Update Price & Inventory
  • Filter The Products
  • Check The Seller Rating & Trustablility Before Import
  • See Real Products Images By Customers
  • Compare Price From Sellers
  • Track A Product’s Price Changes 

So once you have the AliDropship plugin installed on your website. Then you’ll go ahead install that Chrome Browser Extension.

All you have to do is just type in Google search “AliDropship Chrome Extension” and it’s the first result.

Click on the link and you will be able to install that on to your chrome browser.

Use Of Best AliDropship Google Chrome Extension 2020

After installing the chrome extension, login into your WordPress admin panel. And authorize the AliDropship Chrome extension with your website.

WordPress admin panel

After authorizing, You’ll see the “AliDropship” option there on the admin panel, click on that.

Alidropship tutorials by techyshaala

After that, click on “AliExpress” and tap on “Import Products”.

Alidropship tutorials by techyshaala 3

You’ll see there two options, Go To Import List & Use Direct Import. Click on Use Direct Import. You’ll be redirected to AliExpress.

Alidropship tutorials by techyshaala 1

Then you’ll ready to go import any product from AliExpress.

This extension has a lot of features. You can check this video how can you implement this extension with your plugin properly.


If you already know about the dropshipping, then maybe you also know about Shopify.

Shopify is also an E-commerce platform that helps you to sell online & allows you to setup your online store.

But here’s the catch, in Shopify you have got to pay $29 every month. And another drawback is you don’t get 100% ownership of your store.

So if you screw up with Shopify policy your account will be terminated anytime.

In the case of AliDropship, you’ll get the AliDropship plugin that is connected to your WordPress dropshipping website.

And if you know the power of WordPress, it’s so simple to setup & customize your WordPress store.

All you just need to have Hosting & Domain to setup your WordPress. And you can start your own Dropshipping store right away.

Another great thing about AliDropship is that it saves a lot of money. AliDropship plugin comes with one-time fees only. Then you can enjoy this plugin for a lifetime.

If you are not a techy person, AliDropship also offers a custom store that is ready to made beautiful Dropshipping store.

They’ll set everything for you. Isn’t it great?

They’ll also provide you product research and SEO work for you. And all you have to do is promote your store and drive traffic to your store.

So I can say that this tool provides real value. You have to just invest a little amount of money and then you’ll ready to go.   

In this topic, we talked about What Is AliDropship & How To Use Best AliDropship Google Chrome Extension 2020?

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Or if you want to know more about the AliDropship Plugin. I’ll suggest you read AliDropship Review 2020 article. 

This has been Nick and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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