Best Smart Speakers For Home In India 2020

Best Smart Speakers For Home In India 2020

The Best Smart Speakers for home in India 2020 are the most versatile and smart gadgets you can own, you can play music, control your smart home devices and they also support voice assistants. 

These speakers have virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Google assistant which can obey your orders like playing music, brief you about news and weather, control your home appliances and much more.  

Amongst so many Smart Speakers available in the Indian market, we have shortlisted the Top 4 Home Speakers which offer amazing sound quality.


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Top 4 Best Smart Speakers For Home In India 2020

1. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) With Alexa

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) comes with all new textured cloth design, gone is the plastic case of the older versions. It completely blends with your home decor, Available in charcoal, grey and sandstone colour options. 

There are volume controls, a mic mute button to stop Alexa from listening to your voice and a wake-up just in case Dot doesn’t pick up your voice.  

It is louder and punchier than the other generations. On this new Dot the voice responses are much clearer and a lot easier to understand. It comes with a 1.6 inch speaker which has some bass.

You can make a stereo pair, taking two echo dots together you can use the left and right channel of each of them. 

It has physical top buttons to control the volume, a button to mute the microphone (when you need privacy), a dedicated button to wake up Alexa if it’s unable to fetch your voice. 

You can ask “Alexa” to play any track, even latest news, movie reviews and a lot more. [Read More] 



2. Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) With Alexa

Amazon Echo 3rd Gen is an attractive looking device with a fabric like textured material just like the previous generations. It comes in five different colours to suit a variety of tastes. 

On the top it has physical buttons to control music, mute microphone and an action button. LED Ring Light is a major highlight of this product, this light pops when you wake up Alexa.

It offers loud, 360 degree surround sound which is audible in the whole room. The vocals are crisp and have good bass. 

With 4 microphone setup Alexa can hear your voice even in loud music, it uses advanced technology that it can even hear you across the room. 

Alexa supports more than 10 Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi and many more. 

You can stream songs from famous third-party apps like Spotify, JioSavaan, Gaana, Apple music and many more such apps. [Read More]



3. Sony SRS-XB402M Wireless Speaker with Alexa

Its IP67 rated making it water and dust proof, power outlet in the back and the complete speaker is covered with a water-proof rubber cover.

Sony SRS-XB402M there are physical controls to play/pause, control volume, connect using Bluetooth, connect using Wi-Fi

It’s a sturdy and portable wireless home speaker with surround 3D sound and Extra Bass. The dual passive radiators boost the speaker’s low frequency response to create a deep bass sound.  

With Amazon Alexa you can voice control it, you can ask for your favourite task, news updates, check weather and do a lot more with your personal assistant. 

It comes with a 53mm angled dynamic speaker unit, which widens the music range. It can deliver 12 hours of music playback and can be charged using the adaptor supplied. [Read More]



4. Bose Home Speaker 500 with Alexa

Bose Home Speaker 500 has a 1.75-inch-wide x 2.25-inch-high LCD screen to display track information. With built-in voice assistants – Alexa, you can just speak and control your tracks, playlists and much more.

Additionally, to control your music you can use top controls or use Bose Music app. Using Bose Music app you can adjust Bass & Treble for more soothing and rich music experience. 

At the top that allow you to play/pause music, control volume, connect it via Bluetooth and you can also connect it via AUX cable. 

It comes with an eight-mic array which is a custom designed microphone so that Alexa always responds to your voice even if the music is too loud. 

Enjoy music from your favourite platforms like Amazon Music, Spotify, Gaana or Apple music. Any sound track on your device can be heard on Bose Home Speaker 500. 

You can silence the microphone by just tapping the “Microphone Off” button to shut all the microphones. [Read More]



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