Best Text To Speech Software With Human-Like Voices 2020

Best Text To Speech Software With Human-Like Voices 2020 - Techyshaala
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Are you a YouTuber or a Salesperson? Or maybe you’re a Trainer or Digital Marketer. Maybe you create Educational or Training videos. 

Hey, What’s up guys! Nick here from Techyshaala.

So my question is “How do you create a professional videos?”

I know some of you might be thinking of, “Hey, Nick! What kind of question is that?” 

Yeah..yeah…I know. It’s kinda weird! 

But let me tell you that if you’re a Video Creator or maybe any of you are Voice Artists or Digital Marketers.

Or maybe some of you are just starting your career on YouTube or any other voiceover platform.

So these questions are just popping into your head;

“How do I start my youtube channel?”

“How do I earn money online with voiceovers?”

“How do I become a video creator?”

“How do I create professional videos?”

“How do I  get more sales as Youtuber or as a Freelancer?”

“How do I create a video without showing my face and without using my voice?”

……….. And the question goes and goes on… 

As a Video Creator, you know that a good video is not enough without a good voiceover that tells the story. 

Some of the few things are more annoying. When you’re watching a video than an awful audio track – terrible sounding, poor volume and you scramble to get what is being said…

Those awful Text To Speech sound on videos feels fake, emotionless, robotic, and cheap!

That makes you hit the Back Button every time.

So in this topic, I will share with you an amazing tool that can save your lot of money & time. 

Today I’m gonna talk about the Best Text To Speech Software called “Speechelo”. And what Speechelo is? 

That’s we’re going to do a Speechelo review 2020 so that you’ll get the idea to implement this tool in your videos.

So without wasting any more time, let’s review  Best Text To Speech Software With Human-Like Voices – Speechelo.


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 which I promise to drink while creating more helpful content like this.

Best Text To Speech Software With Human-Like Voices 2020

Speechelo Review 2020 - Overview

Product Creators: Vlad & Stoica

Software: Cloud-Based

Support: Fast & Amazing Response

Updates: Get Automatically Updates

Price: $47 (One-Time Payment) 

Refund:  60-Days Money Back Guarantee


What is Speechelo?

What is Speechelo - Techyshaala
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Speechelo is Artificial intelligence (A.I.) software that can turn your text into a Human-sounding voice instantly. 

You can transform your text in Human-Like voices in just a couple of seconds with only 3 clicks. 

Cool……..Isn’t it? 

Speechelo is basically a cloud-based tool. And everything is set up on their servers so you don’t need to worry about downloading or installing. 

You’ll just need your PC, Laptop, or mobile. You can use Speechelo on any device. 

This is pretty cool!

Speechelo generates a voice sound real and you can’t tell that it’s not a real voice. See, how powerful tool is this!

I can say that this is one of the Best Text To Speech Software With Human-Like voices I’ve ever seen.

How Speechelo Works?

Let’s see how Speechelo works for you, and how you can create a professional video in just 3 steps. 

Before starting the Speechelo review, it’s important to let you know that if you want to purchase Speechelo. I’ve got a discount for you.

After doing my little promotion, let’s jump to the topic;  

Basically, how Speechelo works is that you just “Paste Your Text” and “Choose A Voice & Language” and then “Generate & Download Voiceover”.  

See, it’s so simple. I told you, just do 3 steps and you are ready to create a best text to speech software with human-like voices ever.

Let’s see some screenshots so that you’ll get a little bit idea of how to use it.

#1. Paste Your Text

It’s so easy to generate your text into speech. You just need a text that you want to turn into speech, paste it in the Speechelo text editor.

Paste Your Text in Speechelo - Techyshaala
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You’ll get two option on the Speechelo dashboard – Standard Engine & A.I. Engine 

How speechelo works - Techyshaala
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(a. Standard Engine

With a standard engine, you can add breathing and pauses, add emphasis in certain words.

You can adjust speech, volume & pitches as per your need. 

(b. A.I. Engine

With A.I. Engine, you don’t need to do it manually. Speechelo A.I. technology will automatically make your speech sound more appealing and natural. 

Speechelo A.I. Engine can decide where to add breath and pauses.

If you don’t like A.I. Engine sounds according to your need then you can choose by standard engine that fits your needs.

#2. Choose A Voice & Language

Choose A Voice & Language in Speechelo - Techyshaala
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After that, you need to select the voice which you want. In the Speechelo standard version, you will get an amazing collection of natural 30 voices.

Or if these 30 voices are not enough for you or you want more voices then you can upgrade the Speechelo PRO version. In which you’ll get 60 voices. 

Speechelo also offers you a demo to hear each voice so that you can choose according to your niche. 

Even you can choose the tone of the voices like; Normal, Serious, and Joyful.

#3. Generate & Download Voiceover

Generate & Download Voiceover in speechelo - Techyshaala
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After choosing the text and voice, all you have to do is, press the “Generate Voice Over Button”. 

And In less than 10 seconds, your text will be transformed into a voiceover.

You can directly play the voiceover in Speechelo before downloading it. If you don’t like it, then you can try different voices according to your need.

Once you have been satisfied, then all you have to do is DOWNLOAD your best text to speech software with human-like voices mp3 voiceover.

Now you can use it for your projects and import it in your video editors like Premiere Pro, Audacity, iMovie, Camtasia, and more.    

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

Speechelo Features

Somehow you got the idea of how to use Speechelo perfectly in your videos. 

So let’s talk about the best text to speech software – Speechelo features;

  • 30+ Voices 

(All are natural human-like voices. With the PRO version you’ll get 60 voices.)

  • Change Speed & Pitch 

(You can customize your voice sound as per your need. Speechelo gives you full control so that you can change speed and pitch according to your niche.)

  • Voice Tones 

(With Speechelo you can add in your voiceover three different tones in three ways: Normal tone, Serious tone, and Joyful tone.)

  • 23 Languages

(Speechelo works in 23 languages: English, French, Arabic, Dutch, German, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Korean, and more.)

  • Breathing & Pauses

(You can add longer pauses and breathing in your speech after each phrase. And if you don’t want to make these changes manually, then you can let Speechelo A.I. engine decides where to add pauses and breathing sounds.)

  • Online Text Editor

(In the online text editor, paste your text and then Speechelo A.I. Engine will scan your script and add the punctuation marks in your text to sound more natural.)

Speechelo Pricing, OTO & Upsells

Speechelo Pricing, OTO & Upsells - Techyshaala
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The best text to speech software with human-like voices – Speechelo price section is most important for you. 

Now you know that this is a pretty amazing tool for Digital Marketers, YouTubers, or Trainers. 

So let’s find out what Blaster suite guys are providing you. Let’s see Speechelo price, OTO (One Time Offer) & Upsells…

The Blaster Suite guys come up with 3 upsells. 

Upsells/OTO #1: Speechelo Front End (Standard) 

This front end product is $47 (One Time Payment). 

With this standard product you’ll get;

  • 30+ voices
  • Breathing & longer pause voiceovers 
  • Voice tone
  • Change Speed & Pitch
  • 23 Languages
  • Online Text Editor
  • Limited To 700 Words


Upsells/OTO #2: Speechelo PRO Upgrade

If you want to take your Video Creation and voiceover to the next level then this is for you. You can upgrade your standard version to PRO.

This Speechelo PRO is $47/Quarterly (You have to pay $47 Every 3 months)

In this Speechelo PRO version include features like;

  • Double The Voices

(means in this you’ll get a total of 60 voices in 23 languages.)

  • Get Commercial License 

(With the PRO version you can create voiceovers for your clients and sell for a profit. If you really want a profitable voiceover business, then you should go for it.)  

  • Create Longer Voiceovers 

(You can create longer voiceovers and remember the standard product is limited to 700 words. But In the PRO version, you’re not limited to word counts.)

  • 40 Background Music Tracks

(In the PRO version you will get 40 Royalty FREE background music so that you can create your voiceovers more engaging.)


Upsells/OTO #3: Speechelo TUBE Add-On

With this Speechelo TUBE Add-On feature, you are able to extract audio from any video and take that voiceover from that video and create your own brand new voiceover.

This is such an amazing tool. It allows you to take a voice from any YouTube video you want, just extract it and change it to any other languages or voices.  

This Speechelo TUBE Add-On cost you $37 (One Time Payment).

It’s unbelievable…Isn’t it?

Now I have a tool to start my YouTube channel… So what are your excuses now?

Is Speechelo worth it?

Seriously, you really want to know that “Is Speechelo worth it or not?”

So Hell, yeah…It’s definitely worth it. It’s the best text to speech software with human-like voices tool ever.  

Have you ever spent countless hours finding voiceover artists or freelancers on Fiverr or Upwork and spending $100’s on freelancers? 

If YES, you know that they charge you way too much for 1 single voiceover. You also have to wait for freelancers to deliver your voiceover. Maybe you won’t like the end result.  

A one-time voiceover can cost you around $80 to $200. You can save $1000’s on voiceover freelancer fees! That’s not the only thing.

There are a lot of FREE tools in the market that can turn your text into speech. But these tools are kind of unprofessional and sounds like creepy robotic.

Let me ask you some other questions;

Do you feel uncomfortable while recording your voiceovers?

Do you think that “I don’t speak ENGLISH very well and my voice is not that good?”

Do you think that “I don’t have a good microphone and recording tools?” 

If the answer to all of these Questions is……YES!

Then my DEAR FRIEND, what are you waiting for? 

Start your Creator journey with this amazing Speechelo software. You can create YouTube videos, join as a voiceover freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork. 

And sell your services to your clients and generate a good amount of money.


Now you guys know that, what a powerful tool it is. 

So let’s conclude this best text to speech software with human-like voices – Speechelo review here.

Speechelo can do for you

  • Generate More Sales

(You can create good voiceovers for your clients. A great voiceover will get you more sales & profits.)

  • Increase Your Subscribers     

(Creating a good video with a professional voiceover always keeps your audience engaged. Keep them hooked by your best text to speech software with human-like voices and get more views & subscribers.)

  • Save MONEY & TIME

(Don’t throw your money on freelancers. When you can create that kind of voiceovers and save your money & time. So why don’t you do it?)

  • Human-Like Voices 

(Speechelo A.I. Engines can turn your text to speeches into human-voices. You can also add pitches, tone, breathing & long pauses.)

So I can say that this is one of the best text to speech software ever. Speechelo gonna save your lot of time & money. 

I would highly recommend you to this Speechelo tool. Grab this opportunity now and make your videos viral.

So this topic is all about the best text to speech software with human-like voices – Speechelo review 2020.

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This has been Nick and I’ll see you guys in the next one.