Honor 9X Review: Is It Worth Buying Now In 2020?

Honor 9X Review Is It Worth Buying Now In 2020

What’s up guys! Nick here from Techyshaala.

When it comes to bang for your buck mid-range smartphones of course one of the brands that stand out is Honor.

We’ve seen this last year with the honor 8x and now comes its successor the Honor 9X.

This is the Honor 9X one of the latest budget phones that offers great specifications, triple camera setup, a massive screen, and a pop-up selfie camera.

Is this cheap phone you should buy or you should go with another option?

Let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of the Honor 9X. So You can make it a buying decision yourself.

So this is Honor 9X review check it out.


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Honor 9X Review: Is It Worth Buying Now In 2020?

Honor 9X Review Is It Worth Buying Now In 2020

Honor 9X Specifications:


CAMERA: 48MP+8MP+2MP Triple Rear Camera | Pop-up 16MP Camera


RAM & STORAGE: 4/6GB RAM | 128GB Internal Storage, upto 512GB via microSD

OS: Android 9, EMUI 9.1



The Honor 9X has a pretty classic look in this midnight color that we have nothing too fancy or gimmicky here. Unless you got the sapphire blue color which affects that the owner calls a dynamic X design.

Due to its well X illusion, it’s constructed with glass panels an aluminum frame and has curved edges that make it more comfortable to grip.

Do take note though that like most phones this is a smudge and fingerprint magnet so we do recommend using a case. Once you pick the phone up it looks and feels really nice and premium in the hand.

Although the Honor 9X follows a trend in the design language of 2019 it has a really unique looking a holographic pattern on the back which is made of glass.

The frame is made of metal and the bars are nice. The overall build quality of the phone is excellent.

At the back, you’ll find it’s triple rear cameras and LED flash while up front surrounded by thin bezels we got a non-stress display thanks to its pop-up camera.

Also on top, you’ll find a secondary microphone and hybrid dual-SIM tray.

The left side is empty but on the right side you’ll find the power button and volume rocker the buttons are both tactile and clicky.

Located at the bottom are the primary microphone single downward-firing speaker headphone jack and the USB-C port.

Honor 9X Review Is It Worth Buying Now In 2020


Checking out display, we get a 6.59 inch IPS full view screen with a resolution for 2340 by 1080. Having no notch getting in the way gives a really good experience especially when watching videos or playing games.

The overall quality colors are punchy and vibrant and outdoor visibility is just average.

You can adjust the core temperature to what your eyes prefer in the settings. There’s also a smart resolution feature available that automatically lowers the screen resolution to save battery.

Welcomes to audio, sound doesn’t come out too loud even when the volumes around 85 percent but when you crank it up to a hundred percent there’s a noticeable jump in volume that allows the audio to fill the room.

However, it comes out distorted generally mids and highs are there but lows are nowhere to be found. I wouldn’t say that the quality of sound is the best but is quite good.

Honor 9X Review Is It Worth Buying Now In 2020


Now powering the phone and 9X is a caring 710F with a Mali G51 MP4 GPU, 4GB/6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. It’s expandable up to 512GB via microSD.

For basic tasks like web and social media browsing video screaming navigating through the UI the 9x can definitely handle them smoothly. However when it comes to heavier workloads like heavy graphics games I do experience a few stutters.

Also take note that when I test about call of duty mobile the game was only limited to the lowest graphics settings plus it also felt sluggish during gameplay.

Overall gaming performance is pretty good as I was able to play games like asphalt extreme Shadow fight 3 on the highest graphics settings without any issues but may see a few skip frames but no major lag.

Talk about an optimized for benchmark scores you will see down below;

AnTuTu v8 – 174,781

Geekbench 5 – 321(Single-core), 1,318 (Multi-core)

Honor 9X Review Is It Worth Buying Now In 2020


Now the cameras, a triple rear camera setup consisting of a 48MP main sensor and 8MP ultra-wide and 2MP megapixel depth sensor.

In the pop-up camera is the 16MP front camera generally you get good image quality under good lighting. However, color reproduction and details aren’t that good.

Most of the time we get pain looking selfies and slightly overexposed shots from the rear.  

Selfies in portrait mode are also somewhat disappointing as there’s a noticeable lack in subject background separation. Well this is the budget phone after all.  

The Honor 9x has a 48MP primary sensor the standard photo mode defaults to 12MP. You can only use the full 48MP when you shoot using the pro mode.

With the default mode photos delivered aren’t good enough although they do look washed out sometimes.

Rear portrait wise the subject background separation is much better than that of the front camera.

Ultra-wide shots are slightly terrible while the colors appear to be more vibrant there is a pronounced fisheye effect of the photos and needles tend to come across as muggy.

Low-light shots are sadly not that good either lights often appear overblown and the details are quite blurry.

There’s a dedicated night mode in the camera app and using this will give you vibrant colors to the images.

However, noise is still a little apparent and details are still pretty much on blur.

For videos, the 9x can shoot up to 1080p at 60 fps. There’s a bit of sharpness in the videos taken although colors seem to be muted.

As with most cases we recommend using a tripod or monopod for stabilization purposes.

Honor 9X Review Is It Worth Buying Now In 2020


The battery life has been really good, thanks to a huge capacity power bank inside the phone. On average I could get about nine to ten hours of screen on time.

If you use the device just for the basic stuff you can get over 12 hours of SOT which is a very respectable result.

Inside the retail packaging, there is only 10 watts charger that fully charges the phone in more than two hours which is not the best result.

By today’s standards with all the different types of fast charging technology available that’s a long time. For biometric security unfortunately in the 9x in our region only has fingerprint scanning.

The placement of the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner is easy to reach. It also works fast and snappy but hopefully, a future software update also brings in face unlock.

Honor 9X Review Is It Worth Buying Now In 2020


For software, at the Honor 9x runs Android 9 Pie with EMUI 9.1 skinned on top. Thankfully the global version does have Google services pre-installed so users need not worry.

For now, EMUI is definitely one of my least favorite Android skins due to its clunky look and insistence on you to use proprietary apps but that’s just me. Software, after all, it’s very subjective.

As usual to Honor phones there are quite a few customization options settings and tweaks to play with. I also got used to gesture navigation in just a moment.

In terms of connectivity, the phone has been excellent call quality signal reception and GPS have been great and there is also Bluetooth 5.0 and FM radio.

A major shortcoming for some users there is no NFC so you won’t be able to use the Honor 9X for mobile payments.

Other features including a fast and reliable fingerprint scanner that sits on the back of the phone. A hybrid dual SIM card tray USB Type-C port for charging and a headphone jack.

Overall the Honor 9X is a very good budget phone but let’s summarize all the pros and cons.




The phone has a solid build and classic look to it. You get an immersive display modest battery life and good enough performance but the images produced by the cameras definitely have some issues.

Overall I think that the Honor 9X is a great phone for the price despite a few shortcomings. 

And hardcore mobile gamers may find that gaming on this device isn’t up to par especially with the multitude of other better options on the market.

So if you’re someone who doesn’t really care about cameras and you don’t need blazing fast performance just the right amount then perhaps the automatics could be a viable option for you.

But if you’re planning to upgrade you might want to skip this one and check out other mid-range devices available right now. Check this Best android phones under 15000 in India.

So what do you guys think about the Honor 9X?

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